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Beth Rihtar-- Instructional Tech Coach, Park Ridge, Illinois

New Year's Resolutions?

Welcome to 2016, everyone! I thought I'd share.... I'm a huge fan of the teacher website Cult of Pedagogy, by Jennifer Gonzalez. She's got a lot of great materials and is active on Pinterest and Twitter. Below is a fantastic article she shared, with how to help students create resolutions/goals, and then stick with them. Based on one of her goal suggestions, I made a simple Google Form that students could complete on a daily basis. You could post it as a QR code for primary students, or share the link and have students customize for intermediate students. Let me know if you'd like help creating a form for each student or for a class! What kind of goals do your students have?
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Amazing 3D exploration experiences for your students!

Over break, I went to the Museum of Science and Industry, and was enthralled watching all of the kids interacting and touching various exhibits and interactive items. However, we can't always take our kids to the museum.... but check this out! The Smithsonian Institution has Smithsonian 3D views available for all... this interactive exhibition works on iPads, Chromebooks, and laptops. Students and teachers alike can turn and manipulate various artifacts, from fossils to furniture, bees to whales, and everything in between. There are a lot of curricular corresponding artifacts to check out!
Smithsonian X 3D - Education

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