By: Stephenie Meyer Delilah Ramirez P-7


Bella Swan

Renee Dwyer

Charlie Swan

Billy Black

Edward Cullen

Emmett Cullen

Rosalie Hale


Bella Swan moved to town called Forks in Washington with her dad Charlie Swan and she goes to a school name Forks she met this boy named Edward Cullen and he is mean and does not like to get close to her and he is a vampire and he does not want to fall in love with Bella because he is going to live forever and she is going to age and die that would be the plot in the story. The protagonist are the Cullen's and Bella. The antagonist is James he is a vampire.

rising action

The rising action in twilight the Cullen's go to play baseball and it is raining and they take Bella with them and James, Victoria , Laurent tried to attack Bella.


The Climax in Twilight is when James is chasing the Cullen's and Bella and they spit up and Bella and Edward sister and Edward brother to go and stay in a hotel. The other group goes and hide Bella scent and James calls Bella and said's he has her mom and he in her old ballerina's school but it was just a video of her and mom and he attacks her sucks her blood. Edward comes to saves and she is real injured and they take her to hospital.

Resolution/Falling Action

She goes to a dance with Edward and she said's if he can turn her in to a vampire. It is a really good book you should read it.