Dream Buffet



Dream Buffet is a place you can eat food, not normal food, It is the food you would dream to eat during your sleep. It is the food can make you forget all the thing that you are not happy about.It is amazing take a chance get in our wonderful place, Get in now and have a taste of our food!!!!!

89.9 FOR adult, 59.9 for child ( below 10)

Open up your stomach

We would have different type of fruit before you eat the main food.

We would have different type of cake before you eat the main food.

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Not finish yet

We would have

  • Sushi
  • Cookies
  • Any type of drink
Those are the food we would have after you finish the main part of food
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VIP SEAT (250)

We offered VIP seat to our special guest. It is an independent room with music and soft seat ....etc all those thing you would dream (Price will be higher).

  • Guests are having birthday can become VIP on that day (Need ID shown)
  • Other way is to spend 10,000 on Dream Buffet
  • Being a VIP, also can taste special food or drink, or make their own food by our given material in VIP Room or offer food from our store (money needed)