Symphonic Percussion

Schedule and Events for Sept. 29-Oct. 4

Symphonic Percussion Class

Our focus is now moving to music. Each class has "playing tests" each week over an assigned portion of their music. For this week:

Christmas Song top - 13

Invasion top - A

Christmas Medley top - G

Moonrise top - A

We will also continue to do the Great Hands Warm-up at the beginning of class. Reminder: Each student will need to perform the warm-up at 120 bpm by Dec. 19 for a performance assessment.

We are adding to our performance test on Oct. 27-31: Freshmen and Sophomores already have: 16th notes in 3/8 time and rolls in 6/3 time and 7-stroke roll. Juniors and Seniors have: c minor scale skills, F Major patter and g minor chromatics. Drew has a woodblock excerpt. We will be adding to Freshmen and Sophomores Triple Strokes and to Juniors and Seniors: C Major scale skills and Double Left Sticking.

We will continue to work on 4-mallet technique in the keys of: C, Bb, g, c and F

Lafayette Contest of Champions

Saturday, Sep. 27th, 8am-10pm

17050 Clayton Rd

Wildwood, MO

Be sure to have for the day: rehearsal clothes, black knee high socks, shorts/boxers, t-shirt for under the uniform, band shoes, band polo and khakis, money for lunch and dinner.

Lafayette Timeline

Lafayette Contest of Champions

Saturday, Sept. 27, 2014

8:00--Morning rehearsal on Varsity field

10:00--Rehearsal ends, eat snack.

10:45--Load buses and leave for Lafayette High School

11:30--Arrive at Lafayette. Eat lunch.

12:15--Change into uniform on bus.

12:51--Warm-up at Site 2.

1:16--Move to field.

1:26--Ready at Gate.


2:05-2:20--Clinic in Back Gym.

2:20--Back to buses to drop off equipment, grab water.

3:00--Together as a band for awards.

All bands will perform in finals which begin at 5:30.

8:15--Last finals band

8:30--Finals awards

8:45--Back to bus.

9:00--Leave for Parkway South.

9:30--Arrive at Parkway South. Unload buses and trucks. Put equipment away, set up for blue day.

Fort Zumwalt North River City Showcase

Saturday, Oct. 4th, 7:30am

1230 Tom Ginnever Ave

O'Fallon, MO

This day is also Homecoming. Last I knew, our current plan is to perform for pre-lims and then come how so the students can attend Homecoming. I have not received any type of confirmation as to when we may be leaving the competition.

Schedule as of now. This is NOT confirmed!

Fort Zumwalt North Timeline

7:30--Arrive at South High.

8:15--Leave South High.

9:00--Arrive at Fort Zumwalt Northy. Unload truck.


10:40--Leave for performance field

11:00--Ready at the field


11:30--Back to buses. Change out of uniform.