New York Records

September 02, 1922 2 cents

Mysertious Gatsby found Dead

By: Jackie Leyva & Martha Beltran

On September 01,1922, the famous millionaire, J. Gatsby, was found dead floating in his pool. According to a law enforcement officer, Gatsby was responsible for the death of Myrtle Wilson, George Wilson's wife, which was the reason Wilson acted harshly to commit this homicidal/suicidal act of crime. A medical examiner on the scene reported, " Gatsby's body was wounded with a bullet lodged in his back, while Wilson committed suicide by shooting himself". Police tied the murder of Gatsby with the hit-and-run accident of Myrtle Wilson. Since Gatsby was seen driving fast around the Valley of Ashes the night she was killed, it was suspected that he was the one who ran Myrtle over and killed her.

Gatsby's funeral was held inside his mansion, were only the present ones were his friend Nick Caraway and reporters from famous magazines. It was expected that many who attended his famous parties attended his funeral, to everyone's surprise nobody appeared to offer their condolences to his only friend Nick.

Meyer Wolfsheim "The Great Hero"

By: Martha Beltran

1919 World Series, Cincinnati Reds against the White Sox. Eight White Sox players were accused of intentionally losing the game in exchange for money from a few gamblers. Meyer Wolfsheim is known to be a powerful business associate and stood up and said “What a foolish thing to accuse someone for! I know these players would never let their team down in such a way!” with that the rumors quickly died down and the World Series was saved.

The exravagant Gatsby parties

By: Jackie Leyva

As it was known in the whole city, everyone would spend sleepless night weekends at Gatsby's wild house parties he would throw. Music, food, drinks, confetti, dancers, almost anything you could think of was at Gatsby's parties. Everyone loved going to his house, they would always have a great time. Nobody really knew who he was or how he got rich, they didn't really care about him, they would just go have fun.

1920 Prohibition

By: Jackie Leyva

During 1919, many women, especially from the notably Woman's Christian Temperance Union, have been demanding that there be a prohibition of alcohol in the United States, to protect the children and families from suffering alcohol abuse. As early as January 16,1920, Federal Prohibition agents began the enforcement of the Eighteenth Amendment, enabling Prohibition within one year of ratification. According to Tom Buchanan, Gatsby was a bootlegger, and sold illegal alcohol in his drug stores.

Myrtle Wilson Obituary

By: Martha Beltran

On August 31, 1992 30-year old Myrtle Wilson tragically dies in a hit-and-run collision. Bystanders have spoken up and said that they witnessed Myrtle running out to the open road when suddenly a yellow car sped up and struck her, the car then proceeded to escape the driver not even bothering to get out and help. Officers confirmed the next day the automobile belonged to J. Gatsby. Myrtle was born on March 25, 1892 and was raised in the “Valley of Ashes” known to have lived as a lower class woman. She was married to George Wilson, who is no longer living for he committed suicide. The funeral was held the day after and many close friends were present.