"The British are Burning Danbury!"

The Most Valuable Woman of the Rev. War... Sybil Ludington!

Sybil is Bold, Outstanding, Life Saving, Amazing, and BRAVE!

The British are Burning Danbury?

Yes, Danbury was being destroyed by the British. So Sybil was brave enough to ride the countryside to warn the colonist by shouting, "The British are burning Danbury!"

Why Sybil?

"Female Paul Revere"

  • Rode twice as far as Revere to caution colonists that the British were burning Danbury
  • Only 16 when she set out on the heroic ride
  • Rounded up the militia and advocated them to fight the British

She'll Fight for You!

Vote for Sybil!

Sybil was a lady but is willing to fight for what was right, fair, and equal. She will do the same for you!

How do we remember this hero?

Sybil did such a great deed and was so patriotic that there is a statue made in her devotion. It sits in Carmel, NY for all to cherish.

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By: Aydin, Rachel, Storm