Ferdinand Magellan

by Katie P

Tough times

270 people went with Ferdinand to explore and only 18 came back 3 years later. Ferdinand sailed with 5 ships and only 1 returned. Ferdinand was determined to go to the Spice Islands and in 1506 he went! Ferdinand didn't make it all around the world but his leadership did. While in Morocco Ferdinand got seriously hurt.
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Determined and brave

Ferdinand was a determined and brave person. He was determined to go to the Spice Islands even thought he didn't know what to suspect there. Another reason why I think he was brave is, Ferdinand asked his king to help support his voyage but he said no and he wouldn't take no for a answer because he was determined to go so he asked the same people who supported Christopher Columbus voyage. Another reason Ferdinand was brave is, he participated in many military events and he was brave to be in the military. Lastly, he was brave because his parents died when he was ten and he was brave and got through his parents dying.

How exploration has changed over the years

I think it has changed because it is much easier. For example, we have GPS’s, siri, and google maps. Another reason why I think it is changed is we have different types of boats that can be more reliable and it won't take as long. Also it can be easier because we don’t have to use a compass. Lastly, I think it is different because we have more information on where we are going and back then they didn't know any information about where they were going to. That’s why I think it has changed or it is easier.

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