"first" refrigerator

now and ice, cool springs were used to refrigerate food. cut ice to refrigerate your food began in 1,000b.c


in the 1800 s people started to develop a vapor compression refrigeration system. was invented by james harrison.


james harrison developed a ice machine,
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19th centery

at the beginning of the 19th century england started to use ice boxes. people with wagons would come around and drop of a peace of ice in your icebox and if you were lucky they would give you shavings and that's how you would make a frezzie
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refrigerator were cleared for home use


the first electric refrigerator came out in 1927. the were called the monitor-top. there would be around 550 dollars.
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1950s is when they started to change the model of the refrigerator or more less update it.
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prior to the refrigerator coming out they built the freezer and refrigerator together

since the 1940 s they have been modeled like that. the more popular they got and were sold the more they can up with the models we are use to today.

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