Blue Devil Blast

Volume I, Issue 12 - October 22, 2021

October 22 2021 Blue Devil Blast

Dr. Looney's Message

Video Recap:

Parent Conferences were this week. If you were not able to attend a conference, but would like one, please reach out to your child's teachers to schedule one.

Intramural Sports are going on until November 4. Check our website for information.

Next week is Red Ribbon Week with Spirit-building activities each day. Information on our website and Instagram.

The Coming Month

  • October 23: JLC Raider Competition, Lilburn MS
  • October 25: Book Fair Begins / Red Ribbon Week Begins
  • October 26: PSAT Test (8th Grade Only)
  • October 28: Jr. Thespian Induction
  • October 29: Book Fair Ends / Red Ribbon Week Ends
  • October 31: Khan Academy 32% Due

Book Fair Is Open!

Monday - Friday

8:15 a.m. - 4:00 p.m.

Students can come (2 at a time) with their School ID and their teacher's hard pass (not a paper pass)!

Red Ribbon Week This Week!

Red Ribbon Week

October 22 – October 29

We are Red-y to Make a Difference because We BELONG!

SMS Blue Devils are Proud to be Drug Free!

  1. Monday - "We Belong @ SMS": Red & White Cupcakes @ Lunch for $1
  2. Tuesday - "Tacky Tuesday @ SMS": Students & Staff accessorize school uniforms for a truly tacky look
  3. Wednesday - "On The Same Team": Let's all wear red, red, and more red. . . with Jeans!
  4. Thursday - "Head to Toe, I'm Drug & Bully Free": wear crazy hair and socks (with your school uniform)
  5. Friday - "Let's Scare Away Drugs & Peer Pressure": wear an APPROPRIATE Halloween Costume (no masks or props)

Norcross Cluster Drive Thru Food Pantry This Week!

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Grade Level News You Can Use

6th Grade

We are making a Math Push for Khan Academy. Please help support us with getting your child up to 32% on their Khan Academy progress by the end of the month. We'll be giving away an incentive for all who make it to 32%.

We have extra tutoring opportunities on Saturdays in the building. Please reach out to your child's HR teacher if you want them to attend.

Mr. Lenie George

6th Grade Assistant Principal


Mrs. Pam Griswell

6th Grade Counselor


7th Grade

What Are Students Learning Next Week?

MATH - 7th grade math is finishing multi-step equations and moving into inequalities. We are taking the test on this on 11/4. Accelerated 7th is taking their geometry test on triangles, circles, and cross sections this Thursday. Then they will work on area, volume, and surface area and take the second part of the geometry test on 10/29. After that they will move into transformations.

LANGUAGE ARTS - Students will continue to read informational texts and analyze the development of central ideas over the course of the text.

SCIENCE - 7th-grade science is dissecting frogs this week, and we are wrapping up the cells unit with the Human Body Systems Common Assessment on Wednesday, October 27.

After the assessment, we will begin a new unit: Genetics unit 2. This is an exciting unit because the students will get to learn how they got their beautiful features. We will be exploring the scientific evidence of the role of genes and chromosomes in the process of inheriting a specific trait.

SOCIAL STUDIES - Students will begin learning about the economic systems in Southweast Asia.

7th Grade Upcoming Assessment Dates


10/25 - Unit 3

11/8 - Unit 4


11/5 -Standard Math Unit 2

11/10 - Accelerated Geometry Test


10/27 - Body Systems

11/17 - Tentative date

12/16 - tentative date


10/25 and 11/17

Mr. Stacy James

7th Grade Assistant Principal


Mrs. Yunilda Valdez

7th Grade Counselor


8th Grade

Remind your child to be working on their Khan Academy Math progress. This month's goal is 32% complete by Halloween.

Have you done your Science USA Test Prep... Awards coming!

Mrs. Christy Gray

8th Grade Assistant Principal


Mrs. Robin Blackwell

8th Grade Counselor


Mrs. Kimberly Blackshear

Gear Up/ Special Education Counselor


Khan Academy Every Day!

Our kids have a recurring math assignment, which is to make it to 32% progress level on Khan Academy by Halloween. We are giving incentives out each month. We also have a Khan Saturday Program - ask your math teacher to join!

Ms. Valdez

Congratulations to Ms. Valdez, who is currently out on maternity leave with her newborn!

If your 7th grader needs assistance, you can reach out temporarily to Ms. Blackshear.

7th Grade Counselor


Social Media Challenges

There has been a recent increase in social media challenges that are very concerning. GCPS takes the issue seriously. These challenges highlight the need to educate our students to think critically about the challenges and pranks they may encounter on social media. Parents, please take a look at the Social Media Parent Tips attached below and see where you can help.

Athletics & Clubs

Shout Out to Ms. Beg for Getting OUR Robotics Program Hopping!

2021 - 2022 Cheerleading Squad Announced

Coaches Abbey Valego & Alice Plunkett are proud to announce the 2021-2022 Cheer Squad!

Alani Anderson

Ashanti Booker

Kimora Caldwell

Ashlan Dauge

Isabella Gutierrez

Janiyah Prater

Yasmine Santillon

Alexandra Sapim

Alexandrine Sapim

Upcoming Assessments

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Future School Council Meetings

December 7, 2021

February 1, 2022

April 12, 2022

* all meetings will be held from 5 - 6:30 pm

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