By: Justin detrick

Alex Rider Point Blank By Anthony Horowitz

What i read today in my book is, He is going on a mission to say the world from people cloning kids, which i can just picture it in my head. The mission is at this academy in freelance, which he has to play as a really bad kid so he can get in that academy. After a week of waiting he finally got into it and he is now acting as a bad kid, so they can make sure he is not a spy and he will not get caught. After about a week in that academy he had been seeing some weird stuff like that he can't go up to the 3rd and 4th floor or the basement to. They next day his friend James some how changed from wanting to leave this place then now he doesn't leave. That was weird for Alex but he was going to find out what was going on with this place. That night Alex was going around the academy to see stuff, Then when Alex saw something he needed to report it back to the M16 and then he will get help. After about 3 days Alex escaped the academy but Alex hit the ground from a high place and also hit a fence but when he was at the hospital he was lucky to survive the crash. After about 3 days M16 wanted to get Alex to go with a team and go back into the academy to save these kids from it. When Alex finally agreed to go back and save his friend James, and he got to go back in with a team and he, went into the basement and then they recrudesce the kids from the academy and Alex saved the day.
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