adaption for the cold



In antrtica it is frezzing cold. The place is so cold that it make thick sheets above the water. It is so cold that the lowest temperture is -89.2'C. In antrtica the sun dosen't rise for 6 day. Now in antrtica there is globle warming.


adaption for the cold areas


Lichens adapt more easily then other plants in Antarctica. Every Plant starts of as a lichens. Some lichens survived about minus 195 degrees. Lichens can be all sort of colors. Lichens lives in many different habitats, often in extreme environments.


Algae spreads 1 micrometer also means 1/1000 millimeter and it spreads about the size of a tree. Like other plants, they use the energy of sunlight to convert carbon dioxide and water into sugars and oxygen. Algae is usually found in Antarctica.


Mosses have the least number of species in Antarctica, but it reproduce rapidly because of its life cycle. You can only find mosses in certain places such as 10cm deep in the ground.They gather in groups, which make them possible to collect and retain more water

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