Camilo Jimenez

Camilo Jimenez is a young social entrepreneur/ activist

Early life/ activist

He was born in Colomia in 1990. Through the Ecopuntos program, Camilo invites people to trade in recyclable materials for rewards, such as mobile charges and movie tickets at Ecopuntos machines. Since its inception, Ecopuntos has reached over 10,000 people in the city of Bogota, and has gathered over 20,000 recycled materials — a great help in the care and protection of the environment.
  • 2010: Won the Big Bang Challenge
  • 2011: Won the British Council Award for being a Climate Champion of Latin America and the Carribean
  • 2012: Included in the 25 Most Powerful and Influential Young People in the World by Youth Service America

He wants the community to be clean.


Hero - a person, typically a man, who is admired or idealized for courage, outstanding achievements, or noble qualities.
He is considered a hero because he is making change in our communities and we should have more people like him in this world. He can be called as four words "genius with a heart."

Why do you do this?

“I would never forget the sparkling eyes of Esteban, a seven–year–old child, that Saturday when I said, 'Esteban, did you know you can become anything you dream about?' He immediately raised his glance, smiled and answered: 'Then may I dream tonight of being a doctor? Because when I grow up I would like to help grandma and my ill neighbors.' Nearly in tears, I replied rapidly with a shaking voice, 'Sure Esteban, you can become a doctor if you want to. Dreams always come true.' I was bewildered about the power that service has to ignite the dreams, faith and positivity of the people we touch.”