I Swear

By. Lane Davis

when bulling has the ultimate consequences, who's to blame?

Leslie is a teen girl that has been bullied by people she use to call her friends. She finally couldn't take it anymore so she decided to commit suicide. Now that she is gone four people are to blame for her death. Now that the parents of Leslie wants a lawsuit put on the people responsible, the girls try to stick together and make it seem that Leslie was a weak minded person and they had nothing to do with it.

This book is revolved around a drama filled high school. The main characters were mostly at a house, at school, or at their favorite restaurant. Macie is the leader of the whole group, she is a manipulator and has a bad personality. Beth used to be good friends with Leslie until a problem happened between them which caused her to start bullying her. Jillian is Macie's best-friend and never noticed Macie's horrible personality until Leslie committed suicide. Jake was Leslie's only friend and he was in love with her and he was stocked to find out his twin sister, Jillian had something to do with it. Katherine is the strongest out of the group by having the courage to speak out about what happened.

So far i like this book and i think it's an eye opener for people who don't know the consequences of bullying others. The reason i think this about the book is because all of the girls except Macie feels horrible about what they did that caused Leslie to take her own life. I recommend this book to teenagers and people who like to read about real life situations.

Lane Davis

Lane Davis is 23 years old and he is a writer in Los Angeles. This is also his first and only novel. He got the idea to write this book from the teasing he went through during junior high and high school and from an article he read about a 15 year old committing suicide after being bullied.