Mr. Judge's 2nd Grade Telegraph!!

4/20/15...Vol. 28

Hello, HAIL!!!

i hope everyone was safe from Saturday night's eventful weather! Well, PLEASE be sure that seasonal appropriate clothing comes to school, such as a long sleeves/some kind of jacket. For the most part, we have been VERY lucky this year with sickness. Let's keep healthy!!
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We're excited for Wednesday's field trip. Be sure to have your sack lunch ready to pack into our cooler Wednesday morning! Also, be sure to wear gold/yellow. Each class is wearing a designated color to the museum. For more info about the trip, check out the 2nd Grade Website:

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What's Happening This Week!

Besides the upcoming field trip, we have a lot going on in second grade this week! For Science/Social Studies the focus will be on length and mass for, "It's All About Matter." For math, the class will be work on problem solving, fractions and division. For phonics and spelling the class will work on long a spelled ay,ai, a-consonant-e, (say) and for spelling, Core words/Unit 23; great, tell,men, say, small. In writing the class will be creating a, "cereal box" book review. Students - choose a book to review. PLEASE participate in BYOD! please download the app Nearpod.
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We are going to need cereal boxes for a writing project!
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I believe the contest goes until the 29th. So far so good!!
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Saturday, May 2nd - Faculty Follies - Vista Ridge PAC 11am - GET YOUR TICKETS
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Interested in Helping Our Classroom?

If you would like to come in and help the class please contact Amanda May at,

We'd love to have you in!!

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Have A Great Week!!!

I am VERY grateful for everyone's help and support! If you have any questions, please don't hesitate to e-mail, or call the school (512) 570-7200. I hope everyone has an AMAZING week ahead!!

Smiles, SCOTT :~)