Andrew Jackson

He is a Zero!

Indian Removal Act

Andrew Jackson hated the Native Americans and soon created the Indian Removal Act. He forced thousands of Native Americans to move from their homelands and move to Oklahoma. The five big tribes and other small tribes came to Oklahoma. Those big five were The Cherokee, The Chickasaw, The Choctaw, and The Seminole. The path they traveled to soon became know as the "Trail of Tears"

The Nullification Crisis

Andrew Jackson wanted the tariffs to be increased so he can get elected and embarrass John Quincy Adams. Congress approved Jackson's doing with increasing tariffs, so it became reality. After the increase in tariffs was made, the north was happy because their manufactured goods got them more money. But for the south, it was a nightmare. The south was having a hard time earning money, because they relied on north goods which didn't help them as much. So South Carolina stepped into action and became bold to say "We are nullify the tariff of 1828!" Jackson threatened South Carolina to hang John C. Calhoun and bring the army to make them pay for the tariffs! South Carolina stepped out quickly. Then, Henry Clay created The Compromise Tariff of 1833 and congress approved the compromise and lower the stress of the south.

Trail of Tears

The Trail of Tears was known for the most brutal and dangerous event for the Native Americans. Why? Because, Thousands of the Native died while on their harsh journey. Due to Drought, Winter-storms, Sickness, Etc. Why are they forced to leave their homes all of a sudden? Because the United States wanted more land to grow more cotton and more space for slaves. The Native Americans were Looted, their homes were Burned, Thousands died, and more destruction was created. We didn't have no sympathy for them. Five big tribes moved to Oklahoma, were their destination was. The Cherokee, The Choctaw, the Chickasaw,

Jackson killing the national bank (cartoon)

Andrew Jackson wanted to destroy the national bank.Why? Jackson thought the bank had incompetent people and believed that the bank can't control the county's money and so on...there's is one secret power that Jackson did have and that was use the power to veto.In this cartoon, Jackson is holding up a bill of some sort to destroy the bank. in the background, we see pillars falling apart, meaning the bank is starting to die. also we see people of the bank, frightened because of Jackson's actions towards the bank.