by Hayden Townsend and Afshin Norai

Background on the Disease

Syphilis, often called "The Clap" on the streets, is a bacterial STD. It is first spread through direct sexual contact in the genital area, often on an open sore. It can be very deadly if not treated, but because of today's antibiotics it is easy to cure.


Men: Chancre sores are often found in the genital area and on the hands and soles of the feet. These reddish-brown sores are painless and hard to feel so it is often difficult to diagnose the disease. A sore throat is also often felt.

Women: The symptoms for women are much the same. Sores are found in the genital area, hands, and soles which are painless and hard to diagnose. A fever often develops in women, though, which is often around 101 degrees fahrenheit.

Pictures of the Various Symptoms

Pleasure for a moment, PAIN for a lifetime!

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