Scarecrows - Farm Project

Continuing to grow our project


The theme for this week continues to develop our understanding of farms with scarecrows. The focus is to increase students’ awareness of farming and protecting crops while crowing. We will discuss how birds are very hungry and how winter is coming soon. We will discuss the "ethical" choice of saving the crops or letting the birds eat. How can we solve this problem?

The theme will continue the study of nature. It will also review creating faces. We will continue to learn the letter and sound of s, and we will work on saying SCARECROW.

This week we will review many of the farm words and colors we learned over the last few weeks. We will review shapes and use shapes to create a scarecrow. We will flop around like a scarecrow and stand tall like the corn.

Books: The Scarecrow

New: Bird, Hay, Hat, Straw, Yellow, Red, Blue, Crow

Letters: review C, S making curves

Working with your Child

Conversation Starters

Talk about farms.

Visit a farm.

Make a Scarecrow to decorate your home.

Print the scarecrows from the google doc site, cut and color together.

Print and do the activities on the 1plus1plus1 site link below.

Check out Dingle Dangle Scarecrow on YouTube

Please Go to My Google Docs

I have loaded pictures, flash cards and activities onto my Google Docs. Please go there and enjoy the link is below. Each week I add more!


Movement is essential:

We want to remind you about the importance of athletic activity in motor planning, decision making, socialization, concentration,focus, sensory regulation and self confidence. Soccer, Dance, Gymnastics, Karate, Skating and the like are important activities to weave into your child’s life. There are many programs. I encourage you all to share the types of programs you have tried and which ones were the most child friendly. We hope that every child is exploring the outdoors and using his or her body in an active way on a daily basis after his or her school day ends. Many children enter group sports activities and begin to learn while they are still in pre-school. There are many programs. Union County and Mecklenburg also have full special Olympics program. Contact the parks and recreation for more information.

Send in the Clothing

It can get cold as the weather changes.

Please pack a sweater or jacket in your child’s back pack.

Our classroom may be cold.

Also a light weight small blanket or throw will help your child feel comfortable.

We might need longs pants soon... one can hope!

Global Activitities

Traditional Stories, games and finger plays.

Career – Farmer

Indian Folk Story about Crows

Different culture of living on a farm

Effect of weather on food

How farmers protect their food.

Changes in Weather

Dingle Dangle Scarecrow
Dingle Dangle Scarecrow Action Song 1