Bronco Bulletin

January 12, 2016

PIE Time Reminders

Please remember that ALL students are to be engaged and working on either Think Through Math (Monday/Tuesday) and Science-based activities (One-pagers and Blendspace) provided by the Science Teachers (Wednesday/Thursday).

As we move closer into testing, it is imperative all students and homerooms are participating accordingly. Homeroom is designed to foster additional academic support with team building/character education incoorporated on Fridays. We need everyone's support and cooperation ensuring the activities are being completed with fidelity. Administrators will be monitoring during homeroom to encourage students during that time.

Building Dedication


Kendrick Middle School's building dedication is tentatively scheduled for

TUESDAY, MARCH 8th at 6:00 pm

All teachers are required to attend. More details will follow as they are finalized.


Where are the administrators?

1/13 Messenger out (all day); Pena out (PM only)

1/14 APs out (AM only)

1/15 PFs out (all day); Messenger out (all day); Brownlee out (all day)

1/18 Messenger out (all day)

1/19 Barras/Pena out (AM only); Brownlee/Messenger out (PM only)

1/21 Messenger in and out (all day)


1/13 Gifted and Talented (GT) Testing in Library (8:15-9:15)

1/13 PVI to Kendrick to register 6th graders for 7th grade (9:15)

1/14 Thursday Morning Meeting -- CD Update (8:05)

1/14 Gifted and Talented (GT) Testing in Library (8:15-9:15)

1/15 Gifted and Talented (GT) Testing in Library (8:15-9:15)

Staff Development Day (Monday, January 18th)

Monday, January 18th is a Staff Development Day and all staff is required to report at your normal work hours.

Be prepared to learn from our AVID Site Team as they have been working to prepare a training on using Critical Reading Strategies (WICOR) in the classrooms. I am confident the information presented can be easily implemented for all teachers and we will see the rewards as students gain more confidence when it comes time for comprehension and testing.

Schedule of Events

8:30-11:00 AVID Training (WICOR)

11:00-12:30 Lunch on your own (Beat the rush by eating early!)

12:30-4:00 Plan with department on implementing WICOR into lessons