She Said Yes

By Misty Everson, Smore by Lillian Wilkin


Cassie Bernall went to high school for what she assumed would be a regular day. However, at 11:00 that day something tragic happened. Two gunmen came into the school and assaulted many students, Cassie being one of them. She was confronted by the gunmen and asked, "Do you believe in god?" Upon replying with, "Yes." Cassie was shot in the head. In She Said Yes, Cassie's mother tells stories of her life before the shooting.

Misty Bernall, author of She Said Yes

"I was beside myself; distraught beyond words." Misty Bernall, page 7

The conflict in She Said Yes is Man vs. Self. This is because of Misty's internal conflicts throughout the book. She wonders if she made the right choices as a parent before the shooting. She contemplates if she could've had a better relationship with Cassie. Misty voices her regret on sending her daughter to school that morning, and she wonders if there was anything she could do to prevent the events that took place that day.

"Character is who you are when no one is looking." - Alan Williams

Not Just Shoes

Cassie always wore her favorite pair of Doc Martens rain or shine. Although they were just a pair of shoes, they symbolize something deeper. Much like her Doc Martens, Cassie withstood the good and the bad. Even though the shoes were beat up and rugged at times, they were still Cassie's favorites. This shows how they symbolized Cassie's caring personality and ability to withstand hard times.
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This is a story of courage and fear.

Cassie was brave girl, and her story inspires teens everywhere today. She is greatly missed.