Second Grade News You Can Use

September 28-October 2, 2015

A Note From Mrs. Graham

Last week was a busy, productive, out of our seats kind of week. Some great things we accomplished were writing our informational paragraphs about animal homes and painting illustrations to accompany them. These are hanging in the hall if you are interested in seeing our fabulous writing and painting skills. We also made models of three digit numbers, learned about Fibonacci numbers, and watched a slide show of the Graham family road trip this summer. Luckily, only pictures of the American Symbols were in this slide show. We also shared the rest of the Diary of a ....books we wrote and illustrated a couple of weeks ago.

Please remind your child about his or her responsibilities at home and at school. We talked about those things last week, as well. We made posters in the hall with the responsibilities we have in both places. At school, I have noticed and increase in hurtful words and actions. I have also noticed increased noise in the hallway when we transition from place to place. Finally, and maybe most concerning, is that some of us are acting like our feelings and wants are more important than those of our classmates. We are cutting in line, shoving, and making others wait for us to follow the directions. This causes frustration and more misbehavior. Your children often need all of us reminding them of their responsibility to follow directions the first time and quickly. I would appreciate an honest conversation in your home about these things in hopes of making our school days more pleasant and instructive. Thank you.


Our new words focus on consonant diagraphs: th, sh, sh, ch, tch

dish, than, chest, such, thin, push, shine, chase, white, while, these, flash


Bible Verse: John 4:24 God is Spirit, and his worshipers must worship in Spirit and in truth.

Theme: Jesus knows all about us and He loves us

Story: The woman at the well (John 4:1-42)


Text: Super Storms (Informational text) and Weather Poems (Poetry)

Essential Question: How can some storms be dangerous?

High Frequency Words: before, eye, few, happy, high, my, open, people, starts, yellow

New Vocabulary: beware, damage, bend, flash, pounding, prevent, reach, equal

Vocabulary Strategies: Compound Words

Grammar: What is a Verb?

Comprehension Skill: Main Ideas and Details, Cause and Effect


We are beginning to work with 3 digit numbers. This week we will learn how to write 3 digit numbers in words, in standard form and in expanded form.

342-standard form

three hundred forty-two: word form

300+40+2: expanded form

We will also show numbers in different ways. (algebra)

With models we will show that 1 hundred 4 tens and 8 ones is the same number as 14 tens and 8 ones.

Finally, we will learn and practice counting on and back by 10 and 100.

10 more than 471 is ______


Experiment-palooza is happening this week. We plan to have three labs.

1-Float or Sink

2-Use a Balance Scale

3-Make a model of an Eardrum

The purpose of the labs is to familiarize the students with tools used by scientists and working through procedures. Listening skills will be tested for the second graders as they will need to follow directions in order to perform the labs effectively. Working with a group may also present a challenge to some of us, too.


More American Symbols will be introduced. This week we will focus on the Liberty Bell, the Statue of Liberty, and The Star Spangled Banner.


October 2: Homecoming Game

October 5-10: Fall Break

October 12-16: Spirit Week and Book Week

Monday - Pajama Day
Tuesday - Camo Day
Wednesday - Favorite Sports Teams
Thursday - Super Hero Day
Friday - Orange and Blue Spirit Day

October 16-Elementary Night at NCS football game. Our concession stand night.