Sherwood Middle School

Faculty Meeting - Tuesday, April 21

Kid Connection Reports - Any success stories to share?

7th Grade

Masen B.- Odle

Ulysses B.- Koch

Shaun C. - Koch

Ben D. - Crocker

Adam R.- Matson

Nathan S. - Chastain

8th Grade

Wyatt C. - Sidfrid

Angel H. - Watson

Hunter M. - Peterson

Tyler O. - Engle

Nathan S. - Miller

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MAP Training

Thursday, April 23

7:15 AM

Computer Lab 2


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Meeting in the gym - Friday at 7:50

Summer school dates - May 26 - June 19 (7:00 - 12:00)

MAP Prep Week

Nice Work!!!!

This is MAP prep work during homeroom in the middle school. Thanks for taking the time to carefully select meaningful activities that will prepare students and encourage them to do their best.

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May 12

  • Decide as a grade level how many certificates you'll give in each class.
  • Pins have been ordered by Stacy.

Finish Strong

  • Supervision
  • Enforce hall passes (no hit and run)
  • Dress professionally
  • Keep a good attitude and lift each other up
  • Keep grades updated
  • Make sure all bell-work and learning activities are meaningful