PE & Health Weekly Update

Week of 3/23-3/27

This week's 7th and 8th grade Physical Education and Health goals include the following options;

WGSD PE&Health Goal 1. Responsibility - choices this week include lessons on good hygiene, spending time with family, staying hydrated, and paying attention to daily nutrition.

WGSD PE&Health Goal 2. Prevention and Safety - choices this week include lessons on Coronavirus prevention, and good hand washing.

WGSD PE&Health Goal 3. Sports Skills - choices this week include lessons on Tabata, yoga, and monitoring daily steps.

WGSD PE&Health Goal 4. Fundamental Movement - choices this week include lessons on doing yard work, and fun ‘outside the box’ challenges.

WGSD PE&Health Goal 5. Fitness and Wellness - choices this week include lessons on ‘screen-free’ time, the mindfulness practice of imagining a still quiet place, meditation, and staying in communication with teachers.

Students are expected to complete at least 5 sections of the wellness board each week and log a reflection of their choices in GoogleClassroom by Friday of each week. Please encourage and participate with your student in an active healthy lifestyle during this time away from Hixson!

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