Yorkshire Terrier

Small, toy-sized dog with an adventurous personality.

Quick description of a Yorkshire

Yorkshire terriers require tons of grooming, but also have a whole lot of excitement in them. It doesn't take much to get them interested in things and they enjoy outdoor activites such as fetch and games.

Yorkshire grooming

-At birth, the yorkies coat is black and tan, but that changes as the pup grows. The black color will become a steelish-blue color.

-Eventually, the yorkshire will begin to grow a thick furry coat that requires bathing almost daily, regular brushing, and even daily teeth cleanse and ear.

History of Yorkies

-Yorkies were originally known as 'ratters'. This means that people used to use them as hunters for rats.

-These were also developed from mixed breeding of several other kinds of terriers.

Personality of a Yorkshire

-Yorkies can do many different activites. They are not only great companions but they also participate in obedience, rally, agility, conformation, flyball, and pet therapy.