SMART Table Information

for CCPS teachers


Thank you for letting me come during your planning time today for SMART Table training. I know your time is valuable. I do think it is exciting to have this technology in our school and look forward to seeing ways it is being used!

Stay tuned...

There were definitely some issues that came up today that we need to work out. Some things to stay tuned on:

  • Audio instructions: There are various ways of adding audio instructions depending on whether you are on a Mac or PC and whether it is a laptop or desktop. I will get specifics on how to do this for each option.
  • Sharing activity packs: Watch for a way to share activity packs that have been either created from scratch or edited. Along with this will be some sort of discussion thread or annotations to help make decisions on which pack to use.
  • Curricular connection: Once the INSIGHT tool is in place to help make connections with the Alabama College and Career Ready Standards we will look at adding links from standards to activity packs.

Any other issues you see that need to be worked out please let me know!