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“Creativity comes from trust. Trust your instincts. And never hope more than you work.” - Rita Mae Brown


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At the Bright Spot, we value our determination to grow local start-ups and ramp-ups to build solid teams and talent practices. Throughout experience, we have found that a solid team cannot be built if there is no TRUST as a foundation.

We believe that trust is one of the most important ingredients in a successful team. At the end of the day, we are a group of people working together and the ability to trust one another is crucial for effective collaboration.

How exactly can one surpass the difficult challenge of building trust for their organization? It is impossible without the team-effort from every member involved. Educating ourselves on how to build this trust was very nourishing, so we wanted to share some of our findings with you!


Enemies of Trust

Organizational trust is crucial and difficult to build.

  • What are the factors that could lead to its breakdown?
  • How do organizations maintain trust during difficult times
  • How do they go about the process of rebuilding it?

Robert Galford and Anne Drape give solutions to these questions in this Harvard Business Review Article. The authors outline the importance of trustworthy environment in an organization, as trust is the crucial ingredient of organizational effectiveness. Building it, maintaining it, and restoring it when it is damaged must be at the top of every chief executive's agenda.


Does Trust in the Workplace Matter?

  • Why does trust matter and what are the core principles of building trust?
  • How do we overcome the challange of building trust in virtual teams?
Jenny Dearborn explains why workplace trust matters and highlights the two big reasons why trust matters: Productivity and Engagement. This article also outlines the importance of trust in virtual teams and how members are able to help build trust while working remotely.

Ultimately, workplace trust is the "willingness to put oneself at risk based on another individuals actions" ...Do you trust your team members?


Building Trust in High-Performing Teams

This article will help you understand the crucial role of building trust in high-performing teams to foster cooperation and overcome any business challenge.
The Technology Innovation Management Review presents this article that shares their perspective on the crucial role of building trust. They outline that trust increases communication, commitment, and loyalty between team members. It can also improve team performance and increase the probability of creating successful companies.

A very informative article!