Third Grade Rocks

Winter Break and January 5th-8th Folsom ES

Have a happy holiday and happy new year!

We can't believe this year has already come to an end. It seems like just yesterday we were meeting for Curriculum Night. We sincerely hope that you have a wonderful winter break celebrating with your family. See you next year!
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When we return from the break we will begin a new unit: Fractions! Yay! The unit is tentatively set to last about 20 days - give or take a few. As we get closer to the end of the unit, we will pencil in a unit test date and notify you.

The learning objectives for the week we return are:

* Understand that fractions represent an amount less than 1 or an amount between two whole numbers.

* Use pictures and models, including strip diagrams and number lines, to represent fractions greater than zero and less than or equal to one.

*Be able to name and represent fractions with 2, 3, 4, 6, and 8 as the denominator.

We will continue to practice our multiplication fact fluency in class. The week we return there will NOT be a quiz, however, we will pick back up with the quizzes the week of Jan. 11th. Please continue to have your student practice for atleast 40 mins per week. Thank you for your support at home!



Prosper is Green and Cowboys are Blue,

We can't wait to teach POETRY to you!

Our next unit is focused on poetry. We will be focusing on how poets creat imagery and inferencing the author's message that is not always clearly stated. Inference skills are a huge part of third grade. We will continue to strengthen their skills using predicting, drawing conclusions, and generalizing strategies. Use the Pixar short films to draw conclusions for a fun practice.


The week we get back we will be reviewing the parts of a letter and writing a thank you letter to reinforce our REACH behavior of Appreciation. We will also focus on writing detailed paragraphs with a topic sentence, details with twin sentences and a closing sentence.


We are going to continue learning how to use commas in our writing to combined compound sentences.

Pixar Vgel


Students will be exploring different landforms to compare and contrast them and how they can changed.

Social Studies

Students will be learning about the importance of voting and our civil responsiblities.