Carbon Cycle



the carbon cycle is the process of how carbon basically put back on the starts off with photosynthesis, when the carbon in the air is put into plants.plants when they die the carbon in the plants go into the ground with all the other things in the ground and eventually turn into fossil fuels. From there the fossil fuels eventually get turned in to oil and coal and are burned to make other objects, when burned the carbon from the chemicals go into the air and the process starts all over again! Other contributing factors are animals that breath out carbon dioxide.


1) if the carbon cycle were to be disrupted like lets say that there is to much carbon out put. if the carbon output out ways the carbon intake then the air will start to get dirty and unclean. making it hard for other animals harder to breath so they might start to die of

2) the disruption of the carbon cycle can affect us by making the air and water polluted and unlean so it will be harder to survive. and the asthma leve; would go up extremly high.

3)if the carbon cycle was disrupted the human race would slowly start o die off, so many complications would come out of it. depression would probably rise from all the people that would prbably die and the suicide rate would probably rise for those who are scared hypothetically speaking. so if the carbo cycle happened to be disrupted it would have a huge effct on the human race.

4) something i would reccomend to a concerned citizen is to make a public service announce ment. if we are just telling one i would tell them to inform people.they would need to inform people that if we do not stop we will slowly start to die off the planet.