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December 16, 2015 Forney, Texas $1.25

Birthday Kiss...

Dear Macie,

I have a friend that is a female. For a while, she would not talk to me because she felt the situation I was in was her fault. We now work very well together and have grown very close over time. I have even saved her life. I have began to realize that I have feelings for her. On her birthday I kissed her and it was awkward. I brought it up to her and began to play it off as a birthday kiss. Our conversation was interupted by jets flying above us and soldiers. Do I bring the kiss up again and tell her how I really feel?

Dear Sam,

I think it is always important to tell someone how you feel. Especially when it is a good feeling like that. It can always be awkward because it is the unknown. Once you clear the air between you, it will be so much easier. I can tell how much you care for her. Don't hold back and share your feelings.

Breaking out of prison

Sam has found himself in federal prison after being caught trying hack into the White House security. After two weeks he could not take being there anymore with the horrible food, communal showers, and claustrophobia. Sam is resourceful and makes use of his time there and draws a map of the fences, sensors and hidden alarms. He also notes the guards routines and where their rounds are. He is ready to go after his two weeks of researching and planning to break himself out of prison. Sam schedules a fire drill but disabled the code that made it a drill so the computer would think there really was a fire. The alarm sounds, he leaves his cell and heads to the admin block. As he begins to make his escape, Warden Brewer catches him. The Warden pulles a gun on Sam and he reacts quickly by telling him that the camera is linked to a live feed on CNN. Sam advises the Warden that the whole world would see him shoot an unarmed teenager in the back. Warden Brewer holsters his gun and Sam tales off running and gets away, running as strong as he could. Sam makes it to a cab, escaping the prison.

Brain Jack

Based on the #1 New York Times best seller from celebrated author, Brian Falkner comes this suspensful movie, Brain Jack opening this Friday. Sam Wilson, played by Daniel Radcliffe is a remarkable hacker who takes on his toughest challange yet, The White House. Sam Wilson's friends, Dodge, played by Shia LaBeouf and Vienna, played by Selena Gomez help Sam fight cyber terrorisim in this cliffhanger movie set in Las Vegas. As he fights using a neuro-headset he quickly realizes other risks he is becoming susceptible to. Don' miss this thriling, realistic movie of technology that threatens our future.