Monday Memo

Week of November 30, 2015


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School Announcements & Updates

Preparing for December 9, 2015 PD

  • We will continue the work and conversation started in November during our December Early Release PD session with a focus on student work. Prior to our time together please prepare the following so we can maximize our time together:
  • K-2: Please continue to collect your students' narrative writing samples to bring to our December 9th PD session. Please bring at least two narrative samples for your entire class. We will be using these to analyze student work across grade-levels.
  • Please have your students' work samples grouped by the following:
-Below Grade Level Standards

-On Grade Level Standards

-Exceeding Grade Level Standards

  • 3-5: Please continue to collect student writing samples. Bring student samples and TDQ's/TDA's that students completed this month. Please ensure student work has already been scored and grouped.
  • Please have your students' work samples grouped by the following:
  • -Below Grade Level Standards

    -On Grade Level Standards

    -Exceeding Grade Level Standards

  • Specialists: Bring student writing samples and TDQ's/TDAs. Because specialists see students less frequently these samples could be a "work in progress."


Thank you for all of your efforts last week week to reach each and every family. I know that some of you still need time to reach a few more parents to reach 100%. Please make every attempt to get to 100% of your families by Friday, December 4th. Also, please submit all paperwork to the office once you reach 100% of your families (Sign-In Sheets, Parent Involvement Policy, Compact, and Verification forms). Finalized schedules with the bottom portion completed are also due via Schoology on Friday, December 4th.

To Our Giving Team:

Thank you to everyone who has participated in the Jeans Day Fundraisers:

In October, we raised 281.00 for the fight against Breast Cancer and donated to the Susan G. Komen Foundation! And in November, we raised 105.81 for Build On.

Beginning in December, please pay for the Jeans Day at the beginning of the week. You will receive a sticker in your mailbox the day before to wear.

Schoology Update

New on Schoology: FOLDER-Student Attendance Meetings

Monthly Attendance Meetings are held with families of students who are demonstrating inconsistent attendance patterns. Monthly schedules and outcomes will be posted here. If you have a concern regarding a student's attendance please contact Ms. Irizarry to have them scheduled for a meeting.


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There was a very charming little family living under the trailers - until recently. Mama and six kittens were rescued with the help of Karen M.,Jen H., Linda F. and two high-powered Krazy Kat Ladies who fearlessly and tirelessly assisted night, day, weekends. We are currently housing these sweet souls and preparing to move them to a foster home. Finally they will be adopted. (Want one?) Each step along the way requires supplies, time, vet bills, housing costs. This entire process has been going on for about a year and it's not over until it's over. If you are able to donate your pocket change to help defray the cost of providing our Wickersham Kats a future it would be purr-fectly awesome! Personal money is covering all the expenses. See Karen M.

An optional Jeans day will be held on December 4th. ($5 for Professionals, $3 for Paraprofessionals)

Morning Meeting Focus: Safe

District Updates & Announcements

DuPont Challenge Science Writing Competition

The DuPont Challenge is a science writing competition for students in grades K-12. It was created as a way to spark students’ interest in STEM (science, technology, engineering, and mathematics). The contest officially began on November 1st, 2015 and entries must be submitted by March 1st, 2016.

The elementary division asks students to complete a grade-specific challenge related to specific themes. Please see the link below for more information on what is required for each grade level.

Blanket Drive

Please see the attached flyer. Support a McCaskey student’s efforts to collect blankets for our local refugee population.

Wellness/Financial Literacy Workshop

Please see the attached flyer. There is an upcoming Wellness Workshop and Financial Literacy Workshop at Reynolds Refugee Center and Community School.


See someone going above and or leave a note for Mrs. Mercado so we can celebrate and acknowledge each other through the staff spotlight section of the Monday Memo!

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Ms. Heiser organized a family celebration for her K4 students on Monday, November 23rd. Students performed some songs, stories, and rhymes and shared in a meal together. Thank you for creating a welcoming environment for our students and families!


MONDAY 11/30/15


TUESDAY 12/1/15

  • Mercado Out


4th Grade CDT-Science

The Computer Cart and Lab will not be accessible today from 11:00-3:00 due to 4th Grade Science CDT Testing

11:00 am-3:00 pm

Acker - Computer Cart

Lockner- Computer Lab

THURSDAY 12/3/15

4th Grade CDT Science

The computer lab will not be accessible today due to 4th Grade Science CDT testing

11:00 am – 3:00 pm

Crawford- Computer Lab

FRIDAY 12/4/15

  • Wick Kats Jeans Day- $5 Prof/$3 Para
  • Faculty Council-3:15 p.m.- Art Room


12/7/15- Wertman/Lipisko Out AM

12/8/15- Stoltzfus, Massarrotti, Carr, Lipisko, Mercado Out @ Technology Conference

12/9/15- Early Release Day PD

12/10/15- Pizza with Principal, Barnes & Noble Night

12/15/15- Winter Concert @ JPM

12/16/15- Attendance Meetings

12/17/15- LETRS Training 1st & 2nd Grade, Parent Breakfast

12/18/15- PTO Meeting @ 2 p.m.


National Special Education Day is observed annually on December 2nd.

Special Education Day marks the anniversary of what? Answer Here!

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December Birthdays

12/12 Jen Irizarry

12/16 Dave Calendar

12/17 Janess Crawford

12/20 Melanie Snyder

12/23 Miriam Melendez-Swinton