Art Criticism

report by Anna Downs

Art Criticism

There are methods and means for becoming a good critic and understanding the goals of responsible criticism. The act of responsible criticism aims for the fullest understanding and the fullest participation possible. It requires being at the height of awareness while examining a work of art in detail, establishing its context, and clarifying its achievement.

You are already an art critic - when you; choose a film or change the channel looking for something better, turn a radio dial looking for good music, when you stop to admire a building or a sculpture. Our experience is one factor which qualifies us to make such critical judgments. It helps us make critical judgments without hesitation.

What Art Criticism means

Art Criticism Means the analysis and evaluation of works of art. More subtly, art criticism is often tied to theory; it is interpretive, involving the effortto understand a particular work of art from a theoretical perspectiveand to establish its significance in the history of art.

Kind of art criticism

Descriptive criticism concentrates on the form of a work of art, Describing the important characteristics of that form in order to improve our understanding of the part-to-part and part-to-whole interrelationships. Still, we miss things and oftentimes we miss things that are right there for us to observe. Good descriptive critics call our attention to what we might otherwise miss in an artistic form.

rules of art criticism

1. describe list all details 2. analyze 3. interpret 4. judge