zach's Lie

Roland Smith


Zazh lives with his mother,sister,and father they are the Osborns. His father workers as a pilot, for all his family knows. Zach and his mother and sister get there house broken in in the middle of the night. They are told not to tell anybody. The next day the police come to there home and investigate the are told that there father has been arrested. His father got arrested because he was working for a drug cartel. The police are taking the Osborns into a witness security program where they will forever be protected by the police. the Osborns all change there names and have to move to a new town and start a new life. they are just getting settled into there new place when Zach slips up.


The setting takes place a lot of places. The Osborns first move to Nevada. The setting that takes place most in Nevada is the Nevada hotel and the mountains.

About the Author

Roland Smith was born in Portland,Oregon on November 30th, 1951. He has always wanted to be a writer. When he was five he got an old manual typewriter that became his favorite toy. Roland now lives on a farm with his wife.

Roland's passion for writing unexpectedly lead him to working with animals. While working on an english major at Portland State University, Roland took a part time job at his local childerns zoo. This job soon lead him to a twenty-two career with the zoo and that his work with animals would take him all over the world. Eventually he quit his job to become a full time writer.

The connection Roland has to this book is traveling and moving around a lot. Roland used to move around a lot when he worked with animals.


Zach is a boy having a hard time adjusting to his situation.

Zach is danger and has a lot to think about and be catchous about his actions.

Zach get put in a situation where he can determine the fate of everyone he cares about.


Alonzo is head man of a drug cartel.

Alonzo is in the danger of getting caught and has people everywhere trying to get him out. One of Alonzo's men had gotten caught and he is scared that his whole life will end if he tells the police anything.

Sam Sebesta

Sam is important to this story because he helps Zach get out of his trouble and catch
Alonzo. Sam helps Zachs dad out of jail.


Cat is short for Catalin. Cat is important to this story because she is in love with zach.

Cat's family owns the Nevada hotel. Cat gets kidnapped by Alonzo and he uses her to get what he wants from zach.

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Personal Recommendation

I thought the book was very good it was exciting and mysterious at the same time. I would definitely recommend it because it is a kind of book you just cant put down. I would also recommend it because it gives the readers so excitement. Also it makes us think more about how lucky we are to live in a good house and have a good family and friends. Another reason is because it lets you see to points of view the bad side and good.