Religion, Philosophy, and Arts

By: Paul M.

Who is Pericles

Pericles was the was the most powerful man in Athenian. He was apart of a aristocratic family but strongly believed in democracy and supported it. He reformed democracy by pay salaries to to officials. In 460 B.C. he was then a leader of a democracy assembly. His major accomplishment while he was ruler was the construction of the Parthenon. This became a temple to honor Athena.

The 12 major Greek Gods

Greek Gods

The people honored the gods. One way they honored them was building temples for them. Another way the people honored them was by holding festivals and making sacrifices to the gods. One of the well know festivals was in honor of Zeus. It was the Olympic games. Zeus was king of the gods. He ruled over the gods and humanity. Zeus was married to Hera and some of their sons and daughters were Apollo, Artemis, Athena, Ares, Aphrodite, and Demeter. Zeus is a pretty cool god.

Search For Knowledge

Philosophers were using their mind and reason to determine natural events. New Ideas were occurring. One of those ideas was discovered by Democritus. He thought the world was made of tiny particles called atoms. One philosopher was Socrates. He wanted people to look at the true qualities of justice and courage. He was then brought to trial for dishonoring the gods. He then had to commit suicide. Socrates student was Plato. Plato established The Academy. His student was Aristotle. He established The Lyceum.

Visual and Dramatic Atrs

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The Parthenon

The Parthenon was an important temple in Athens. It was built by Pericles. It was built in about 447 B.C. The was in honor of Athena. It was made of Marble. Their was a statue of Athena made of wood,Ivory, and gold. The statue then disappeared long ago. Inside the Parthenon almost everything is there. Their are three main characteristics are action, balance, and sculptures. These are the main points of the Parthenon.

The Arts

The Greeks used the arts in their lives. They were some first people to write plays. They also went to just have fun.

What I enjoyed

I mostly enjoyed the history of the Parthenon and the Greek gods. I'm sure I can use it for Scholastic Bowl.