What Happend To Cass Mc Bride

BY- Gail Giles

The caracters

-Kyle is 17

-Cass is 17

-David is dead

-Ted is cass's dad

-BIg Police

-short Police

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David suicide himself
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Plot Summary

David Kirby went to school one day.David got rejected so he killed himself. He killed himself on tree house.

Then Kyle is Davids brother wants payback from classBecause of her David suicided himself on a treehouse.He kidnaps Cass McBride but theres no proof that Kyle kidnaped her.

Cass is underground alive she is 2 meters underground.Kyle throws dirt at class's face as revenge.The box is small so she struggles to move.

The big police

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#1 quote

I read this in the book when Cass lost her memory
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#2 quote

This letter Cass made to david
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#3 quote

The big police told this to Kyle


David kills himself and Kyle gets payback through Cass Mcbride