Rogue Community College

Basic School Information

Located: Grants Pass, OR

Good nursing program

Total cost for two years: $34,400

Admissions into nursing program: application, 3.0 or above on completed prerequisites

Enrollment: 20,799

Student to teacher ratio: 16:1

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Fun things to do:

  • Wildlife Images
  • Jet Boats
  • Glass Forge

Weather & Geography

-Average Weather
Jan- June 47 degrees - 80 degrees
July- Dec 89 degrees - 35 degrees

Pacific Ocean

Paying for College

I will pay for college by:

  • getting scholarships (academic)
  • saving up my own money
  • financial aid
  • college savings account
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Achieving Goals

This last year of highschool

  • raise my gpa to a 3.5
  • finish second semester to graduate
  • regular attendence

Classes I need to take to graduate

  1. film as literature
  2. government
  3. poetry of rock
  4. spanish 1
  5. economics

Available Volunteer Work

Youth Volunteer Program at Asante Three Rivers Hospital
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