Yvette Jones

MA Organizational Management

A little bit about me...

Hello my fellow student, I am excited that you have chosen to pursue your college education and with Ashford University. I am aware that the choice to move forward with your educational career was not one that you considered lightly and because of your desire to grow, you took up that challenge. With every challenge there are obstacles to overcome, if there weren’t any obstacles then there would not be any challenges. Along with you, I too took up that challenge. One of my goals is to overcome challenges presented in pursing my education and to come out of this obstacle course better than when I started.

I am currently pursing my graduate degree, which is Master of Art in Organizational Management, with a specialization in Human Resources. I started this program with Ashford University in January of 2015 and I will be graduating in June 2016, as long as I stay the course. I was first exposed to Ashford University when I needed to take my last three classes to obtain my undergraduate degree from a regular brick and mortar educational institution. I went years with an incomplete degree due to the three classes required. I worked abroad and relocated to another state in the process of life. The university I was attending did not offer online classes at the time and I was not willing to transfer my credit to another university and not get the credits I had earned.

When I was allotted time to pursue my degree due to being laid off with my employer, I attempted to complete my last three classes. I soon found out that the university was not offering any of the three classes I needed in the upcoming semester. I was not happy with that answer, so I worked with the College Administrator and the final solution was that they allowed me to take my last three classes with Ashford University for my undergraduate degree. After successfully completing my classes, I transferred back to my regular brick and mortar educational institution allowing me to graduate.

The exposure I received at Ashford University opened up a new door that would allow me to continue in whatever direction my career took me, while farthing my education.

Outside of work and school I am attempting to try new things and gain exposure to things that is not common to me. I participated in my first half-marathon a little over a year ago, I took a swimming class for the first time, and now I am learning Ballroom Dancing. I really believe that I have found my second passion in life with the dancing and I am looking forward to becoming the best that I can be and perhaps participate in competitions, just to be an example to others and because I enjoy it.

Life is truly what we make of it and what we put into it. Along the way, we may be able to overcome those challenges by building relationship with others, who can support or understand the obstacle course. I am looking forward to working with you as we all learn how to come out better at the end of our obstacle course.

Kind regards,

Yvette Jones (YJ)