by Jessie and Katie

Religious beliefs

The puritans believed in the concept of predestination. They believed that God chose each person for salvation at birth. Unlike the Roman Catholic church the puritans rejected the concept of free will. They do not believe a person can change their fate but can search for clues for their fate by doing good works, praying and going to church.


The higher class would wear very colorful clothes. The lower class would not wear colorful clothes. The more strict religion would wear black and white. The puritans used to have a dress code but as the colonies population grew and it became impossible to enforce it.


Education was important to the puritans. They believed that the kids needed to learn so they can read the bible. Puritans religion was in the schools they would have devotion time during the day The schools focused on reading, writing, and calculation. The Massachusetts Act of 1642 was the first step to get more non-puritans children to be educated, it did not make education mandatory but if the parents did not send their kids to school they had the possibility of losing custody. "Education is the transmission of civilization" - Ariel and Will Duran