Smuggling with the Yankees!

Southern border smugglers discovered!

Traitorous Confederate Smugglers!

Last Wendsday, a small group of Confederates were found trading with northerners for food, and then making a profit off of their neighbors by selling it at outrageous prices, instead of supporting the confederacy! Who knows what else they could be capable of! One of them is even a criminal, because he didn't pay his taxes. Just another example of how they are secretly supporting the Yankees! They are currently being questioned by the Confederate army upon charges or treason.

Smuggling Buisness along border booms as Dixie starves!

The continued smuggling is a sign of weakness in those who participate in it, for they are giving the north the satisfaction of what it wants! They are trying to make us poor, and inrich themselves by taking away our slaves! Trading with the northerners is proving to them that we will bend to there wants, and we will not stand to have our great nation treated so! Our forefathers gave us the right to own property, the most basic of our rights, and the northerners are the ones being inhumane for doing so!