Gladiators; Heroes or Victims?

*Lauren Eubank, Kaitlyn Pensabene, Susan Schafer*

Victims of the games!

The games began early, lasted all day and were usually divided into three presentations. The morning games were devoted to the slaughter of the animals; Lions, elephants, giraffes and other rare animals all played a role in the butchery designed to show the diversity.


The Gladiators

The gladiators had to fight an unfair battle. They had to fight to the death and the crowd decided what their fate was. The emperor decided what battles they did and what the rules were. Every gladiator had there owe style to fight. There were no losers in the end. There was just dead gladiators.

Battles to the Death

Who Fights?

There are both men and women that fight. The women have to do all the same things the men do. There people that usually fight are slaves that have to though have been born to fight to the death. They dont really have a choice if they want to be in it or not. They will just have to do it.

Winning Gladiators

The fighters were all staged by wealth. They we're trained, fed, and we're given medical attention when needed. The all had their own armor and sheilds that they used to fight with. You enter the arena with all the weapons needed to win. They fought for honor and pride. The people of Rome treated the winners with respect.