Cyber bulling and password safety

what can it lead too and when is enough enough?

cause and effect

When on Facebook anything can happen but what if someone figures out your password and hacks your profile and changes your password? Hacking on Facebook because a password isn’t strong enough. Hacking can lead to so much more than people think, when hacked it can lead to cyber bulling, and when someone is being cyber bullied people can be pushed so far that it can lead to suicidal thoughts and even suicide. When cyber bullied there is a website you can go to for help and they will report it for you. The website is Studies say that people being cyber bullied have thought of or have committed suicide. An example of this is Amanda Todd she was cyber bullied and people pushed her so far that she committed suicide. Information at

my opinion

In my opinion nobody should need to know your password and they find it funny when they hack you but they don’t realize how far they push you. If you have ever seen the movie cyber bully then you know what can happen. The main character Taylor sets up an page that is like Facebook, but when hacked people start saying things that aren’t true. When this guy she meets seems really nice, but he isn’t he starts a rumor that she gave him a STD. and things get so bad that she tries to commit suicide, but does not she is helped through it all and comes out stronger than before. Cyber bullies don’t care, if you tell anyone your password. Telling someone is password is not right. When choessing a password make sure it’s something no one knows.

cyber bulling can lead to suicide

when will it end?

when will people realize that cyber bulling and hacking is going too far and that they need to stop.
CyberBully Trailer