Pepsi Warriors

Pepsi Commercial

Very Funny Pepsi Commercial

The Many Affects Used

In this video, it has used the "twist" effect, the "before and after" effect, and the "wit and humour" effect.

Twist Effect

Definition: When you really aren't expecting something and it occurs and it really catches the viewers attention. This commercial has used this effect because I don't think that the people that haven't watched this commercial before would have even thought that this commercial is for the selling of Pepsi because the creators organized this really well, they were really creative to be able to tie "warriors" and Pepsi together. The way that they did, was really unexpecting and very interesting.

Before and After Affect

Definition: Illustrations that show improved performance before and after treatment. In this commercial, it shows the before and after effect because first, the young warrior couldn't punch a piece of wood with his knuckle without getting hurt, but after, once the young warrior became older, he could do way harder things, for example, he could brake 3 big, thick bricks easily and many hard jumps, flips, that a normal person is not able to do. After watching the whole commercial, it looked to me that even though the commercial didn't show that he drank Pepsi before his final "test", it could be predicted that he did since he couldn't just all of a sudden have gotten all this strength from no where, and the commercial would be using this as "what could happen if you drink this" just wanting people to know without showing them, most commercials do this.

Wit and Humour Effect

Definition:Customers are attracted to products that divert the audience by giving viewers a reason to laugh or to be entertained by clever use of visuals or language. This commercial has used the wit and humour effect because it entertains the audience when all of a sudden, the "warriors" drink a whole pop bottle of Pepsi-cola and as said in the definition, the commercial entertains the audience by a clever use of visuals or languages and in this case, it is a visual. To be honest, the first time I saw this commercial, I laughed at that part because I had no clue that that was what the commercial was leaning to.