Bill to Law

Zabrina and Emily

Steps one through four.

Step One: Draft bill

Anyone can right a bill,but only a member of the General Assembly may introduce a bill.

Step Two: Introduce the Bill

A member of the house or senate introduces the bill. This is called the first reading.

Step Three: Refer to Committee

The bill is assigned to a committee. It is studied revised and then recommended for the consideration by all members of the house or senate

Step Four: Debate

Legislators debate the bill. After the debate, Legislators vote, and if a majority votes for the bill, the bill has passed its second reading. The Bill then moves to its third and final reading, which may include more debate.

steps five to seven

Step Five: Approved bill goes to other house

If the bill is passed by one legislative body it is introduced into the other house where the same process is repeated

Step six: Conference committee

If the second house amends the then the differences between the two versions must be reconciled in a conference committee

Step Seven: Boll Singing by Both Houses

After a bill passes both houses a revised copy reflecthing allchanges and amendments is signed by the speaker of the house and the president pro tempore anf the sentate