Powering the Greens with your support

We have no time to waste

We must step up our action on the issues that are being allowed to worsen all around us. The need for Green Party representation in parliament has never been greater, nor has the potential for us to make real positive change in this country.

What we need now is a major increase in our resources to create the rapid step change that is this country is crying out for. For example, did you know that the National Party spent three times what the Green Party did in 2011?

Will you join me?

Mainsails membership means pledging a $1,500 gift each year for a minimum of three years. As a Mainsails member you will be joining me in making an investment into the Green Party and sharing our vision to preserve our natural resources and wildlife, protect our rivers and beaches and ensure we have a future our children and grandchildren can look forward to.

Mainsails members will be super committed politically engaged supporters who want to see the Green Party succeed and be an integral part of that.

This investment will help build our infrastructure by increasing our volunteer capacity, IT, staff and fundraising. Ultimately this is about getting greener policies in place with greater leverage in government by having more MPs in government.

We can not afford another three years of this government who are doing nothing on climate change and selling off our natural resources and assets.

Thank you so much for your support for the Green Party and for your time in considering this proposal.

Please contact Sonja Deely, our Mainsails Manager, if you have any questions.

Phone 04 801 5105

Mobile 027 629 5821