Will it ever be possible?

***There is nothing in the laws of physics that prevent teleportation***

Where the Idea came from

  • Charles Fort coined the term in 1931

-Greek Prefix- tele- distant Latin verb- porte- to carry

  • 1993 paper by Charles Bennett "Teleporting an Unknown Quantum State via Duel Classical and Einstein - Podolsky - Rosen Channels" explains in theory how to link particles and keep them linked at great distances.

Quantum Entanglement

  • The connection between two particles

In quantum entanglement would allow information to be passed between two particles even if they are miles apart. So, this would allow the person holding one particle to instantaneously send information to the person holding the other particle.

  • Scientists have been able to isolate entangled electrons and determined that when they altered one electrons spin rate the other electrons spin rate simultaneously changed.

(They "teleported" information)

What would it take to teleport?