By Shahzaib Mahmood

The background information and its history and it's geographical information.

The capital of Belize is Belmopan. The major cities of Belize is Belize city, San Ignacio, orange walk, and Dangriga. Belize was controlled by another country called Manchester chol maya. Belize gained independence. It gained independence in September 21, 1981. Today it's not controlled by another country. It's offical language is English. Belize is located in North America. It's physical features is the Mayan Mountains, the Vaca Plateau, and the Yalbac hills.

Political information, Economic information, and Tourist information.

They have a constitutional Monarchy. There leader is Dean Oliver Barrow. There currency is Belize dollar. There Economic system is capitalism. People should visit Belize because it's the only English speaking country in central America. They also have warm weather all year round. Tourists should eat there food because there food is good.