Cloud Computing

Impact On Education At All Levels

What is Cloud Computing?

Cloud Computing is a technology that uses internet and central remote servers to maintain data and applications.Cloud computing allows people to access to their files and documents in any computer with internet. This technology allows easy access with storage, memory and processing. Cloud computer is divided into three categories, "infrastructure", "platforms" and "applications". Supports collaboration, file storage, virtualization and access to computer access. Clouds especially does supported by dedicated data centers can be public, private secure or a hybrid of any or all of these.

Impact on Education at all levels

Since cloud computing may apport many learning opportunities, many people have opted to use it as an educational resource. Cloud computing helps deliver education services more private and secure. It helps school improvements by making the sharing of media and materials easier. Many distance-learning programs are implementing cloud computing solutions to accommodate increasing enrollment and provide more media-rich resources to students. Cloud-based solutions for schools have grown more intricate as technology providers collaborate on systems that prepare students for the modern workforce. Nowadays, 42% of K-12 schools and organizations surveyed are currently implementing some form of cloud computing solution.

Benefits of cloud computing in education:

  • Reshaping teaching by extending interactive multimedia learning environments to anyone, anywhere

  • Accelerating delivery of administrative services

  • Simplifying operations, saving time, and cutting cost

  • Reducing risk and strengthening security

  • No more carrying many devices in which data is stored

  • Trackability by tracking the evolutions of an item

  • Shareability

  • Easy access to just about everything in technology

  • Facilitates and improves collaboration

  • Helps the environment by using less paper

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Current News

"Maine bill would ban companies from selling student data"

While we are focusing on cloud computing and it's beneficial qualities, it's important to consider the faults that others see in the service. Maine is currently considering a bill that would bar companies that provide Internet-based services to Maine schools from using or selling student data for money. A main concern about cloud computing is an invasion of privacy and security. Dozens of Maine schools already have cloud computing in play at their school, but the worry is how secure is their student's information online. When working on our project, we should think about how we could protect students and schools so that that concern isn't as prominent.

Switch to Cloud Computing

More and more people are starting to switch to cloud computing. Many articles show the desirable pull to the could computing system. "49 percent of business executives see the cloud as strategic to their business" according to Forbes.



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