Making a nation!

How did people communicate with each other over distances?

Communication of Australia from 1850's - 1900.

The 1850’s in Australia was about the discovery of gold. Immigrants and newcomers, came over to try their luck on the gold fields. The postal service grew quickly within colonies and an increase of population made the need for better communications.

Post offices began being built and became important as they were a part of the social system and provided a link for people to communicate with family and friends.

Peviously in victoria a coach system was built between Melbourne and Ballarat goldfields carrying the Royal Mail, but during the 1850’s when more people came over the first electric telegraph line in Australia was built between Melbourne and Williamstown sending the first Australian telegraph transmitted by morse code in 1854 which was a huge success!

By 1858 colonial cities of Sydney, Melbourne and Adelaide. Were linked by electric telegraph. A telegraph line opened between Hobart town and Launceston. The first submarine communication cable was laid between Tasmania and Cape Otway in 1855.

A significant breakthrough was Australia’s first international telecommunications system, where a telegraph link to Asia was made in 1872. This linked Australia to the European and American lines and Australia was no longer isolated from the rest of the world. The new telecommunications industry then grew quickly with population growth and Australia sent more telegraphs per population than any other nation. Telephones followed the telegraph and in 1882, personal communication was made available to the average Australian by public telephone.
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