Come to Ancient Egypt!!!!

The Best Land Near and Far

Our location in the North-East part of Africa gives us access to the extremely fertile Nile river that provides good farming land to produce plenty of crops, so no one will starve. In addition, our land is full of precious stones and metals that we use to create beautiful pyramids and sculptures that set us apart from everyone else. What's not to like?!

No One Does Pyramids Better Than Us

Our elaborate pyramids provide a proper resting place for our rulers. They are also a great source of work for many of our civilians and show off all of the wonderful resources available to us.
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You Will Always Be Special To Us.

A very important religious practice to us is mummification. This special ritual is performed on our deceased members so that they will be properly prepared for the afterlife. As part of the preparation, we like to put special amulets on the body to protect it before we wrap it with linen. We then place the body into a specially decorated coffin that will further assist the deceased in the afterlife.
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Need More Information?

Contact King Tutankhamun (Tut), who can be found at KV62.
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