Grizzly Gazette- 11/15/2021

West Briar MS School Updates: Week 13

Principal's Message

It is hard to believe Thanksgiving Break is upon us! I want my message this week to be about Gratitude. I am so incredibly thankful for becoming a part of the West Briar community this year. From the amazing group of teachers, the outstanding clerks and non-instructional staff members, to the diverse and entertaining student body- I enjoy it all! Each morning I walk into the building, I am reminded of how thankful I am to consider myself a West Briar Grizzly.

Please take a moment to remind yourself how grateful you are for your family and friends as we embark upon the holiday season. Each moment counts and it's so very easy to get caught up in the contention, the politics, and the negativity- when all we need to do is look to our children to regain that smile and zest for life.

I've received many requests to have all morning announcements shared with students disseminated to parents somehow. I would like to try something new that I'm hoping helps bridge the gap between students hearing campus news and not bringing it home with them: Online, shared morning announcement file. Using the link below, you will see the daily, morning announcements shared over the speaker at West Briar. This is a view-only document, but we will aim to keep it updated as announcements are made. This will be a trial-run and we'll continue it in the Spring if it is a success. I am trying to remain as transparent as possible in hopes to connect school and home as much as possible.

WBMS Morning Announcements Link

Let's make it a week to be grateful!


Calendar Updates

  • Nov 15- Nov 19- Book Fair
  • Nov 19- C2 Report Cards go home
  • Nov 22 - Nov 26- Thanksgiving Break
  • Dec 4- West Briar Volunteer Yard Work day
  • Dec 21 - Jan 1- Winter Break

Thank you PTO for a fantastic Fun Run!

Book Fair is gonna be Out of this World!

This Monday, 11/15- the West Briar Book Fair begins!

We are excited to be able to host a book fair this year! The fair runs from Nov 15th through Nov 19th in the WBMS Library and through Nov 25th online. All funds earned through the book fair are spent towards building literacy and making reading fun for students.

This year, we have enabled eWallet, an easy way to pay for your student's purchases without sending cash or a credit card with them. Check it out on our Book Fair Homepage:

In support of the book fair and in the spirit of fun (and our Book Fair is gonna be Out of This World theme), Dr. Mishlan has agreed to dress as a Space Alien if we reach our goal of $4,000 in sales! Maybe we can get her to do the moonwalk too!?

Westside Souper Food Pantry

Big picture

Plumber needed to install Water Stations!

West Briar has already purchased water station fillers to replace our campus water fountains. However, we've been in a holding pattern trying to get them installed. The contracted company the school district is wanting us to use is asking for too large a paycheck to simply install these stations. Therefore, we are asking for anyone in our West Briar community to step forward and help us out!

If you are able to help or if you know someone who is, please contact Principal Mishlan:

We appreciate you considering helping us out!

West Briar PTO Webpage

Wondering how you can help West Briar? Connect with our West Briar PTO!

Student Assistance Questionnaire

Each year, all students must have a completed Student Assistance Questionnaire on file. Regardless of whether a student/family qualifies for assistance, this form must be completed. The form can be filled out through HISD Connect or by turning in a hard copy form to the WBMS Front Office (or to any house office). Thank you to those who have already submitted this form for this school year!

For those who have not, please complete the form through one of the two methods listed below:

(Picture of the SAQ Form is below)

Big picture
Say Something: Reporting Tips

Go to this webpage for anonymous reporting tips and how to use the SS-ARS.

21-22 Student Handbook Reminder

Student Dress Code

Our WBMS Student Dress Code specifically references cold weather jackets/coats. Under the Outer Garments section, it states:

  • WBMS sweatshirts (crew neck) with the "West Briar" logo may be worn in the classrooms.
  • Hooded sweatshirts may not be worn inside the classroom except on Fridays when students may wear WBMS hooded sweatshirts.
  • Sweaters and jackets of other styles/colors may be worn before and after school. They cannot be worn within the building between 8AM and 4PM.

2021-2022 WBMS Student Handbook (Dress Code, Pg. 2)

(photo courtesy

ICYMI: Student Behavior

As we enter the last week of Cycle 2, we assume that all West Briar students are familiar with campus procedures and expectations for behavior. As a part of Houston ISD, all West Briar students are held to the 2021-2022 Student Code of Conduct.

On page 2 of this document, it includes an Overview of Students Responsibilities:

  • Develop constructive student relationships with peers and school personnel
  • Contribute to the overall safety of the campus and campus community by reporting anything that would threaten an individual or the school community; if you see something, say something.
  • Adhere to District, school, classroom, and school-related activity rules and regulations with this Code and campus specific procedures.

On page 6, the Levels of Student Misconduct and Disciplinary Options begins outline acts of misbehavior and possible consequences/interventions.

It is imperative that students have a safe school environment to ensure student learning is the number one goal. Students participating in fighting or disorderly conduct of any kind is considered a Level 3 violation and is taken extremely seriously. Please have a conversation with your student about what to do when confronted with a difficult situation involving other students and options available.

These options include:

  • Reaching out to a trusted Teacher
  • Contact a Dean
  • Contact our Social Worker (Ms. Taylor)
  • Have parent contact any of the above staff members

We are here to help our students grow academically and emotionally.

Help us ensure a safe campus for everyone by discussing feelings and practice talking about feelings with your student. Our student's school lives have been seriously interrupted in the last few years and this has caused a lot of feelings for students that they've never dealt with before. Middle School is already a difficult time for students socio-emotionally and adding social conflict makes it worse. Check out some of the below resources for more information and helpful tips.


7 Ways to Teach Kids to Manage their Own Conflicts (Edutopia)

Teaching Kids How to Deal with Conflict (Child Mind Institute)

5 Strategies to Help Kids Resolve Conflict (PBS)

WBMS Volunteers Needed

Have a special talent and some time to share with some West Briar students?

Wraparound Services

Do you need assistance with critical areas that ensure your student has what they need to be successful in school? Mr. Staffon Adams is West Briar's Wraparound Specialist and he helps families with nonacademic needs such as appropriate outside resources and resource providers.

Check out his flyer for more information:

And contact him at:

Houston ISD Wraparound Services Info Page

Practice STAAR Release Tests

Interested in helping your student prepare for their STAAR tests this school year!

Follow the below instructions to access Practice STAAR test questions online:

  1. Go to
  2. Scroll down to the (white) Practice Tests Login button.
  3. This takes you to the Texas Assessment Page where you can access test questions by entering as a Guest User. (no login information needed)

Practice any subject/grade-level you want!