1930's Fashion

The Golden age of womens fashion

Women's fashion

The women wore dressed and kept their hair close to their head. Fur and floral were very popular. Makeup was chic and shoulder pads were big until the late 1930's. Middle length skirts worn at the waistline were the most popular option for bottoms. Many types of shoes were available in the 1930's, but classic pumps, sling-back heels, and peep toes wee the most popular. The most common complexion of the 1930's Makeup was a natural pinkish ivory or a lighter wax appearance. Foundations in shades such as 'Gardenia' complimented ivory powders to achieve flawless skin.

Men's Fashion

In the 1930's many new men's fashions came in to play. More v shapes appear on men's top coats and suit coats. Pants spread higher up the waist, classic white button down shirts became a staple for men's fashion in the 1930's. 1930's men's shoes continued in the tradition of the 1920's with classic toe cap oxford. Silk socks in a bunch of different colors and patterns came in the 1930's. Suits became much more popular. Summer options were much more unique compared to the plain boring winter options.
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The most popular outfits in the 1930's

For women I would say that dresses, floral prints, and fur coats were the most popular. For men suits and classic toe cap oxford shoes.
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Coco Chanel

In 1931 Sam Goldwyn paid Coco Chanel one million dollars to design on and off screen costumes for MGM's biggest actresses

1930's fasion

Overall 1930's fashion was very chic. From the floral prints to the fur coats.