Scully calls every out of Kershaw's no-no

What's the Deal?

For every strike out that he throws, Kershaw donates money to the savings fund. Depending on the importance of the strike out, he donates more or less. So in the last strike out of the game in that no hitter was probably worth more than the first strike out of the game.

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Kilimanjaro Orphanage Centre

This orphanage at the base of Mt. Kilimanjaro is not very big, but is looking for expansion. The donations brought to this center will help an already blooming orphanage, blossom into a foundation of education and shelter from the cruel world. Lots of the orphans have lost their parents to HIV\AIDS. They have seen their parents die and seen themselves pushed out on their own. As you can see in the graph, Tanzania has an unbelievable amount of orphans. The center is doing all it can in its limited space, to keep as many orphans off the street as possible.

This Will Change Africa

Have you ever seen a happy person laying on the sidewalk telling everyone "Life is better when you have no home or food," ? No? Me neither. Well in Africa there are so many kids on the street homeless and without food, but we can help. If you have ever wanted to do something good with your life, even just to have it on your judgment plate when you die. You can help a child in Africa, save their future, and give them a new start. So, only one question. Are you the kind of person that is willing to help whatever the cost or are you just wanting to get it of your checklist? We would love it if you donated no matter what your view, but ask your shelf, "What would I want, if I were alone? Someone who is helping themselves out, or someone who has my best interests at heart?" So please, after this.

Open your heat and save theirs.